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Food, glorious food!

What a great topic, something we really enjoy, to make, to eat, and to talk about!! Below is a brief description of our food sourcing, for details of the different meals, please click on the links to the left. Let's hope there is something that can tempt you!

  • Measuring for bread
  • Exercise of the day
  • Lovely dough
  • The young helpers!
  • Start of raspberry jam
  • Then comes the sugar....
  • ...and here is finished result
  • Apricot compote


Most of the food we serve is homemade in our kitchen, where we spend most of our time. Breads, jams and marmalades, muffins and cakes, granola, and of course, the dinners, are all made at Lowthwaite.

Local suppliers

The Watermill at Salkeld supplies our organic flour for the homemade bread. It's a lovely place to visit if you like baking and/or vegetarian food.

Our bacon and lamb all comes from Cranstons, a local butcher in Penrith. They have established a local food hall, where the local grengrocer, fishmonger and bakeries also sell their food.

For our dinners we get beef and venison from Deer 'n Dexter. It is as local as it can be; some of the cows are currently grazing just behind our car park. The animals are responsibly farmed and locally butchered, AND the meat tastes great so we are very lucky.

In their abatoir three miles away, Deer 'n Dexter also makes our sausages, where the pork come from Brackenfell Rare Breeds, based in Hutton-in-the Forest.

Last, but not least, we get our eggs from Raymond Clark, a smallholder in Matterdale who keeps free range hens. In the summer he also provides us with plenty of blackcurrants and gooseberries, which are used for jams and puddings.

Organic food

A relatively large part of our food is organic, but we don't claim to be 100% organic. We choose to use organic produce where we think it provides the best value. The best example is the organic flour, an important staple, and at the same time, it makes really good bread.

Fair Trade

After having spent years in Tanzania, Fairtrade is very important to us, so we try to get as many Fairtrade products as possible. This means not only tea and coffee, but also sugar, sometimes bananas, vanilla, drinking and cooking chocolate, sometimes honey, and whatever else we can find.

Storing food

We have a fridge in the breakfast room that always has fresh milk for hot drinks, but you are also welcome to use it for wine, your own packed lunch, food for children, or whatever else you might want to keep cool.