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Popular recipes from breakfast


Very popular both at breakfast and later in the day. They are very quick to make, so it's easy to have freshly made muffins whenever wanted. They can be very simple, as the berry muffins often served, or more elaborate, as our spiced rhubarb and walnut muffins. See here for a couple of basic recipes and some tips.


BreadIn my opinion, for a good breakfast, you need good bread.

Be aware that the same recipe will taste quite different depending on the flour used. My favourite white flour is organic, stoneground flour from Little Salkeld, which gives a distinct taste and texture to the white bread. Dove's organic strong white flour also works well and gives a more conventional white bread.


After having tried quite a few granola recipes, Nigella Lawson's has become the clear favourite of them all. See here for my version of it.

Marmalade and Jam

Raspberry JamMarmalade - a must for many during breakfast. I make a variety of marmalades, but one basic recipe has proved to give the best result with not too much work, though all marmalades do take quite a time to make!

We have a variety of homemade jams, but a perennial favourite is the "extra fruity" raspberry jam. It's a very simple recipe, and can be made with either fresh or frozen raspberries.

Breakfast Smoothies

SmoothieAs part of varying our breakfast we offer specialities for each month. In the winter months we tend to offer smoothies and/or freshly squeezed juices. Two of my favourites are a green smoothie and a filling banana, blueberry and oats smoothie.

Tine's recipes

Food is Tine's area, though Jim is very happy to be the guinea pig, and so this page as well as the other recipe pages are all written by her.

Warning and Feedback

If any of you try these recipes, please let me hear about the results, whether good or bad. I'm not a professional cook book writer, so though all the recipes have been done many times, there might be something I have forgotten to put in or written unclearly.